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The first step to a good design is to identity what colors draw you in and what colors are in your home already.  Sit down and see if you have more contemporary or traditional design taste!

Let’s figure out what space you are redesigning and what products you will need. Are you redesigning a kitchen or a bathroom? Designing an entire house or focusing on just one room?

Let’s find an inspiration piece to create a fantastic home design based on something special.  We will help you create the home of your dreams based on what you enjoy most!

Good design allows you to flourish.

So come one in and start the process so you can enjoy your newly designed home. 

Fixtures & Accessories

Select the perfect soaking or free standing tub to be the spotlight of your bathroom, select shower and faucet fixtures to complete the look. 

Oak and Clay carries Lafayette window coverings.  Your windows are the eyes to the world, let us frame them in a way that makes it feel like home. 

Choose the counter top material and sinks to finish your personalized look.  

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